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Welcome to GenePainter

The conservation of intron positions comprises information useful for de novo gene prediction as well as for analyzing the origin of introns. GenePainter maps gene structures onto protein multiple sequence alignments. Gene structures, as provided by e.g. WebScipio, are aligned with respect to the exact positions of the introns (down to nucleotide level) and intron phase. Because gene trees often do not correspond to species trees, intron conservation provides additional and independent information to reconstruct the history of the eukaryotes.

This webserver is designed to provide an easily accessbile user-interface for GenePainter.


Detailed descriptions of the intron mapping algorithm, the analysis strategies and the various output options can be found in the following publications

S. Mühlhausen, M. Hellkamp & M. Kollmar (2015)
GenePainter 2.0 resolves the taxonomic distribution of intron positions.
Bioinformatics 31, 8.

B. Hammesfahr, F. Odronitz, S. Mühlhausen, S. Waack & M. Kollmar (2013)Open AccessHighly Accessed
GenePainter: a fast tool for aligning gene structures of eukaryotic protein families, visualizing the alignments and mapping gene structures onto protein structures.
BMC Bioinformatics 14, 77.

Restrictions and Licence

This website is free and open to all users and there is no login requirement. The source code of a command-line version of GenePainter can be downloaded and used under a GNU Creative Commons License.

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