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Load and Submit Sample Data

Example 1: Coronin genes, 28 genes from 12 species.

Example 2: Tubulin genes, 50 genes from 4 species.

Click on link to load and submit example.

Data Upload

Multiple Sequence Alignment

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Gene Structures

In order to start GenePainter, GenePainter needs a multiple protein sequence alignment and gene structures. You can upload gene structures generated by WebScipio (recommended) or provide a mapping between species and genes and select the gene structure generation.
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Or generate gene structures for selected sequences (Data Center)

Species Mapping (optional)

In order to plot intron gain and loss events onto the phylogenetic tree (based on NCBI taxonomy), GenePainter requires a mapping between gene names (FASTA headers) and species names.
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PDB File (optional)

In order to map intron positions and phases onto a protein structure, GenePainter requires a PDB file. GenePainter provides scripts for execution in PyMol.

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Data Center

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Options and Submission

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Aligned Gene Structures

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Phylogenetic Distribution of Intron Positions

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link to webscipio
link to diark
link to cymobase
link to motorprotein
link to MPI-BPC