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Latest command-line version

tgz compressed archive
zip compressed archive

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Archive content

gene_painter.rbMain script
lib/Folder containing library
example/Folder containing coronin test data
tools/Folder containing additional scripts, i.e. to obtain NCBI taxonomy dump and YAML files
Documentation.pdfExhaustive documentation
READMEInformation about installation and usage of GenePainter

Version history

v.2.0.5, June 2018

  • Minor bug-fixes

v.2.0.4, October 2015

  • Remodeled yaml-parser
  • Genes with different sequences in alignment and yaml are rejected
  • Removed now ineffective option --no-best-position-introns

v.2.0.3, March 2015

  • Improved matching of alignment sequences and gene structures
  • Minor bug-fix in gff-parser

v.2.0.2, February 2015

  • Sequence shifts and inframe stopcodons recognized (YAML files)
  • Intron positions in alignment: Written underneath first amino acid of next exon (Phase 0) and splitted amino acid (Phase 1 and Phase 2), respectively
  • Major update of algorithm detecting common introns

v.2.0.1, January 2015

  • Minor bug-fixes

v.2.0, June 2014

  • Incorporation of NCBI taxonomy
  • Fuzzy intron positions
  • Statistics about common introns
  • Data and output selection

v.1.0, September 2012

  • GenePainter goes public!

GenePainter v.1.0(zip compressed archive)
Documentation v.1.0

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Sample data from website

Example 1: coronin genes(zip compressed archive)
Example 2: tubulin genes(zip compressed archive)

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Restrictions and Licence

GenePainter can be downloaded and used under a GNU General Public License.

link to webscipio
link to diark
link to cymobase
link to motorprotein
link to MPI-BPC